Pasona Asia Executives for Banking & Finance sector

What is ‘Pasona Asia Executives’?

Pasona Asia’s recruitment service focused on high calibre professionals in Banking & Finance industry.

Hong Kong has shown a prominent existence as a gateway to the China/ Asia market, especially in the financial services industry. In order to develop its competitive edge further, it is necessary for the industry to retain global standard talents. ‘Pasona Asia Executives’ focuses on recruitment service for high calibre professionals in the Banking & Finance sector. Benefiting from our global network and experience for over 25 years in Hong Kong, we support such candidates’ career plan introducing attractive and challenging opportunities. Our clients are Japanese and non-Japanese financial institutions mainly in Hong Kong.

Coverage Examples

Investment Management Compliance
Private Equity/ Venture Capital Wealth Management
Equity Research/ Analysis Client Service
Equity Trading Secretary
Institutional Sales Others
Risk Management


Commercial Bank/ Investment Bank Private Equity firm
Securities firm Venture Capital
Asset Management Others
Fund Management/td>

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